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For the localization the mechanism is to indicate as content of the "target" an intermediate page. To access the content of the target you need to use the namespace "Mediawiki", for example for the portal history was used the target "storia-url" and its page is Mediawiki:storia-url, whose content is the name of the intermediate page, in the case of "Storia", this content leads directly to the page Storia, where you entered a simple redirection to the final content, Portale_Storia. For the English translation it was enough to create the page Storia/en whose content is the redirection to the page History_portal, and the system of automatic redirection to the content of your language will bring who uses the English localization on it (otherwise the default will be used). For other translations it will be enough to repeat the thing, for example by creating Storia/fr with the redirection inside to the relative final page with name in French.