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Year Event
1761 Kaspar Faber starts a pencil production in Stein, is the origin of the company
1878 Johan Faber starts the Johan Faber A. G., part of what will be the Faber-Castell
1898 Alexander Castell renames the A. W. Faber in A. W. Faber-Castell
1931 A. W. Faber-Castell and Johan Faber A. G. start to join
1935 Faber-Castellbegins Osmia acquisition
1936 the company introduces a Faber-Castell marked model
1949 the company began producing ballpoint pens
1950 the company introduces the Gentleman
1951 Faber-Castell complete Osmia acquisition
1955 the company introduces the Osmia_44x
1955 the company introduces the Osmia_88x
1975 the company retires from fountain pen market