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Facts about "Patent-DE-401710.pdf"
Application dateJanuary 27, 1923 +
Application numberW63036 +
Assigned toLeslie Roy Wade +
Invented byLeslie Roy Wade +
Patent dateSeptember 9, 1924 +
Patent descriptionCappuccio a scorrimento +
Patent number401710 +
Patent titleSchutzhuelse fuer Fuellfederhalter, Fuellbleistifte u. dgl. +
Patented byUnbranded +
Patented inDE +
Priority dateFebruary 14, 1922 +
Same invention ofFile:Patent-GB-194895.pdf +, File:Patent-FR-561704.pdf +, File:Patent-CA-238293.pdf +, File:Patent-US-1493833.pdf + and File:Patent-AT-98903.pdf +