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Facts about "Patent-US-D194412.pdf"
Application dateDecember 27, 1960 +
Application number63359 +
Assigned toKaweco Badische Füllfederfabrik Friedrich Grube +
Invented byWilhelm Karl Friedrich Grube + and Friedrich Otto Grube +
Mention patentFile:Patent-US-D123293.pdf +, File:Patent-US-D137660.pdf +, File:Patent-US-D142384.pdf +, File:Patent-US-D147107.pdf +, File:Patent-US-D159978.pdf + and File:Patent-US-2833251.pdf +
Patent dateJanuary 15, 1963 +
Patent descriptionSezione pennino coperto +
Patent numberD194412 +
Patent titleFountain pen ot the like +
Patented byKaweco +
Patented inUS +
Priority dateDecember 27, 1960 +