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We put here all references for books and web sites.


  • Fishler, George - Schneider, Stuart (1992). Fountain Pens and Pencils. New York: Shiffer Publishing. ISBN 0-887-40346-8;
  • Lambrou, Andreas (2003). Fountain Pens of the World. New York: Philip Wilson Publisher. ISBN 0-302-00668-0;
  • Bowen, Glen Benton (1996). Collectible Fountain Pens. L-W Publishing & Book Sales. ISBN 0910173001;

External links

All links and references concerning restoration, repairs, and all the technical aspects regarding the recovery of vintage fountain pens have been moved to a dedicated page: Repair.

This web link collection started from the one taken from WikiPedia, but was expanded adding what was found on the Internet. Obviously further references to resources that are not already been reported here are welcome, just let us kno:

  • Fountain pen page of Wikipedia The fountain pen page on the english section of WikiPedia.
  • Fountain Pen Network Forums for thematic discussions on fountain pens.
  • PenHero Excellent website, with many historical informations, articles and galleries. Beautiful photos.
  • Fountain Pen Restoration Excellent site of a restorer, with beautiful photos, and a lot of historical information, as well as techniques.
  • Richard Binder • Fountain Pens Excellent website of a repairer of pens, with very detailed technical information, and interesting writings on various models. Wonderful technical articles on nibs.
  • The Vintage Pens Website David Nishimura website, with plenty of interesting informations on antique fountain pens.
  • Penciclopedia A website similar to the previous one, but concentrated on American producers. Excellent source for smaller manufacturers.
  • Parker Pens A website dedicated to Parker but with plenty of other informations.
  • Penexchange Some articles and informations, and forums for German collectors. Hosted and maintained by Pelikan.
  • Pen Lovers A website containing many interesting articles by Jim Mamoulides and several galleries with photos of pens and advertising.
  • Le stylo Francais Excellent resource for the historic French brands.
  • Kamakura Pens The website of an Ebay seller, with many interesting informations on Japanese fountain pens.
  • Penoply Good website maintained by Rick Conner, with many historical information, technical guidelines and various materials, of great interest.
  • Penspotters Another website of the same author of the previous, with many historical information, various materials, of great interest.
  • Lion & Pen Website with a lot of information, articles and forums.
  • Glenn's Pen Page Personal website of Glenn Marcus, contains many reviews, both pens and shops, oriented on modern pens.
  • Pen Collectors of America the Pen Collectors of America association website.
  • Parker 51 A lot of information on the more widespread fountain pen
  • Easterbrook for the "Esties" lovers
  • JetPens Forums Forum from a shop Japanese pens with some information on pens produced in Asia.
  • Vacumania David Isaacson website with a lot of information, particularly on Vacumatic
  • Openions A site of pen reviews, form modern pens
  • Pen and Co It was a very good resource for French brands with historical information and beautiful photos, but now is unreadable because of the flash animations.
  • Penna Historic article section of the italian magazine Penna (in italian)
  • A gallery of very nice pen photos