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In order to write it is necessary to unscrew the bottom and slightly withdraw the shaft attached to it, so as to retract the piston from its blocked position and re-enable the flow of ink towards the nib. Closing the bottom will stop the ink flow again, thus preventing leaks.
== Direct compressio compression of the ''sac'' ==
At the beginning of the 1900's, there was a great impulse in the search for a system that would allow the filling operation to be carried out automatically. During this period, a series of filling systems began to be produced, in which the ink was kept inside an elastic rubber sac. In this way it was possible to carry out the loading by compressing the empty sac, so as to exploit the subsequent expansion of the same to suck the ink from the bottle by immersing the nib assembly.
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== Caricamenti a sfiatatoio Breather tube fillers ==
These filling systems have in common the use of the presence of a ''[[breather tube]]'' which allows to perform the refill by repeating several times some mechanical action (different depending on the different filling systems) which allows to create a compression of the air inside the pen tank. The variety of ways in which this compression is carried out has been extremely wide, but in most cases provides some mechanism that acts on a flexible bulb.
=== ''[[plunger filler]]'' ===
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=== ''[[piston filler]]'' ===
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== Altri Others ==
Si sono riuniti All the other filling systems have been brought together in quest'ultimo gruppo tutti gli altri sistemi di caricamentothe latter group, accomunati proprio dal fatto di non aver un fattore comune che consente di classificarli which have in maniera omogeneacommon the fact that they do not have a common factor that allows them to be classified in a homogeneous manner.
=== ''[[capillarity filler]]'' ===
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=== ''[[cartridge filler]]'' ===
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=== ''[[converter]]'' ===
== Riferimenti esterni External references ==* [] Page of the original sketches used in this page* [] Page on filling systems from Richard Binder's website* [] Page on filling.htmlsystems from David Nishimura website* [] Page on filling systems from Penspotters* http[https://wwwweb.vintagepensarchive.comorg/web/20130616225156/filling_instructions_vintage_pens.shtml*] Article about filling systems on PenTrace, first part* [] Article about filling systems on PenTrace, second part* [] Article of Jim Mamoulides on [[Parker]]'s [[button filler]]s* [] Article on Penexchange on [[piston filler]]* [] Article on Penexchange on pneumatic fillers* [*] Article on Penexchange on [[button filler]]s
== Note Notes ==
== Ringraziamenti Thanks ==Un grazie di cuore a A big thanks to Fabio Moricci, il the [ Pennaio], che ci ha gentilmente concesso l'uso dei suoi schizzi come base per la realizzazione degli schemi tecnici dei vari sistemi di caricamentowho kindly gave us the use of his sketches as a basis for the realization of the technical diagrams of the various loading systems.

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