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{{Cite patent
 | two letter country code
 | patent or patent application publication number
 | preamble (default nº)


To cite US patent 1,704,470, use:

{{Cite patent|US|1704470}}

Results in: nº US-1704470

To cite British patent 245,448, use:

{{Cite patent|GB|245448}}

Results in: nº GB-245448

To cite French patent 726,185, use:

{{Cite patent|FR|726185}}

Results in: nº FR-726185

To cite WIPO (aka PCT/International) patent application WO 2005/083605 A1, use:

{{Cite patent|WO|2005083605}}

Results in: nº WO-2005083605

Note the removal of the "/". Removing the leading zero was not necessary as it was already six digits.


Examples taken by the Cite patent template from Wikipedia and modified for the new way to show patent in the internal pages.