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Platinum is one of the three major historic Japanese fountain pen manufacturers (with Pilot and Sailor), and although it is perhaps less famous than the other two brands, it is still always remained on the market until today as an independent company.

While not know on his history for particular technical or stylistic innovations, the Platinum pens have always been of excellent quality, and the company was still the first to introduce in the Japanese industry the manufacturing with plastic injection, since the first post-war period.



Platinum was born in 1919 in Okayama Prefecture where Syunichi Nakata had created a workshop for the production of pens. In 1924, he moved to Tokyo, and founded the Nakaya Seisakusho that after four years it was renamed as Platinum Pen Company, in this period the company adopted his traditional trademark logo illustrating a world globe with written with the central initials of the founder separated by a star. Has been reported (according to Lambrou) the export of pens with the name 555.

About half of the '30s the company, following the style created by Pilot, launched in the production of pens Maki-e, but to differentiate its production resorted to other traditional Japanese techniques such as the Kanshitsu, with the use of mother of pearl inlays, and decorative wicker rattan.

In the 60s, the company introduced the Honest-60 model, one of the first in Japan to be equipped with a practical and functional cartridge. Other pens in the same period were built with a special sheepskin coating. To compete with the Pilot Capless was created the Platinum Knock model which however had limited success and very short life. Other luxury models, called Platinum Platinum were made with platinum nibs and silver body works to weave.

Between the 60s and 70s is then to report a particular production of pens lined with the leather of a particular species of toad (Pipa pipa) originating in Suriname.


Year Event
1919 the company is founded by Syunichi Nakata in Tokyo as Nakaya Seisakusho
1924 Syunichi Nakata tranfer to Tokyo and found Nakaya Seisakusho Pen Co.
1928 Nakaya Seisakusho Pen Co. is renamed as Platinum Fountain Pen Co.
1931 the company starts mail order sales
1935 the company starts a Maki-e production, introducing the Kanshitsu and pearl inlay styles
1948 the company introduces ballpoint with water based ink, forerunner of the roller pens
1952 the company is the first Japanese producer creating injection molding plastic pens
1957 the company introduces cartridge filler pens

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