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This page contains the chronology for the year. We summarize in this page all the relevant events regarding fountain pens that happened in 1918. We also list, if present in our database, any patent applied in the year, and also the ads or document scans which publication date is in the same year.


  • Giuseppe Zanini opens an activity named Arti Grafiche - Giuseppe Zanini, is the Ancora origin
  • De Witt-La France is founded by David J. La France, William P. De Witt in Cambridge, Massachusetts as De Witt - La France Co.
  • Geha is founded by Heinrich Hartmann, Conrad Hartmann in Hannover
  • Le Tigre is founded by René Kintz in Bruxelles as Établissements René Kintz
  • Franck LeBoeuf patents a pen production method from celluloid tubes
  • Morison is founded by Torajirou Tanigawa as Kikaku Pen Company
  • Pilot is founded by Ryosuke Namiki, Matsuo Wada in Tokyo as Namiki Manufacturing Company
  • Stellor is founded by Joseph Beaufils in Nurieus



  • Patent US-1263808, applied in 1918, by Jacob Salz, Salz. Lever self-filler fountain-pen.
  • Patent GB-114801, applied in 1918, by John James, Unbranded. A New or Improved Means of Increasing the Life of Pen Nibs.
  • Patent US-1262438, applied in 1918, by Claes W. Boman, Eagle. Fountain-pen.
  • Patent US-1263260, applied in 1918, by Rudolph Wm. Lotz, Kraker. Fountain-pen.
  • Patent US-1263261, applied in 1918, by Rudolph Wm. Lotz, Kraker. Fountain-pen.
  • Patent US-1299642, applied in 1918, by William A. Welty, Hans P. Ravn, Welty. Fountain-Pen.
  • Patent US-RE14474, applied in 1918, by Felix Riesenberg, Unbranded. Self-filling Fountain-pen.
  • Patent US-1277848, applied in 1918, by Duncan Cameron, Cameron. Fountain or reservoir pen.
  • Patent US-1302783, applied in 1918, by Harold B. Fowler, Welty. Combination instrument.
  • Patent US-1284718, applied in 1918, by Henry Lasko, Eagle. Clip for fountain-pens.
  • Patent US-1313056, applied in 1918, by Oswald H. Blackwood, Fred Pearson, Unbranded. Fountain-pen.
  • Patent US-1290365, applied in 1918, by Ferdinand Scheiblecker, Salz. Fountain-pen of the self-filler type.
  • Patent US-1310235, applied in 1918, by William T. Fitzpatrick, Welty. Cap-clip for fountain-pens.
  • Patent US-1350412, applied in 1918, by David J. La France, William P. De Witt, De Witt-La France. Clip for fountain-pen caps or the like.
  • Patent GB-141071, applied in 1918, Mallat. Improvements in or relating to Fountain Pens.
  • Patent FR-503751, applied in 1918, Mallat. Porte-plume réservoir à remplissage automatique avec ajustage de plume invariable.
  • Patent CH-81788, applied in 1918, by Hermann Burkhardt, Unbranded. Füllschreibstifthalter.