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As mentioned, despite the presence of various precursors, the history of modern fountain pen is traced back to the late 1800s, when first models began to be industrially produced and marketed on a large scale becoming usable and used in the everyday life. The historical period covered by this site and its various pages in it should therefore be referenced by these early days until the 60s, when industrial production of writing instruments focused primarily on the ballpoing, and the attention was focused on the creation of disposable pens at the lowest price possible.

The following is a list (in alphabetical order) of those that are considered, in the opinion of the author, the major historical fountain pens manufacturers. In recent years, with the return of attention towards this writing instrument, there has been a flourishing of new companies, and also the "resurrection" of some historical brands failed from many time, often unfortunately for the production of travesties of old models or for creating pretentious luxury items with little technical or stylistic value.

For this reason we report in this list only the major historical fountain pens brands which were present on the market since before the '50s. For the realization of a section devoted to recent productions and the new brands we invite any interested parties to contribute. A more complete list, including minors brands and Sub-brands, this Category:Marchethis page is obtained automatically by the categorization of the various brands mentioned on this site. Even in this case the entry criterion remains to be been active before the 50s.


Scansione di una pubblicità Swan dell'ottobre 1929 per il modello Eternal con lo slogan Pen of the British Empire. Pubblicata sul National Geographic.


Foto di una stilografica Novum dell'Aurora nella seconda serie.